Code of Conduct

NZ Chinese Building Industry Association Code of Conduct

NZ Chinese Building Industry Association (NZCBIA)
In New Zealand, the Building Industry has been playing more and more important role in the economic. NZ Chinese building industry grows up rapidly and plays a significant role in the industry, which mainly in small-scale or medium-scale residential construction market. There are tens of thousands of Chinese practitioners in NZ building industry, so a dedicated Chinese building industry association is needed to provide coordination, supervision and services. The association should be an influential and authoritative organization and is composed by the reputable practitioners with professional qualifications (including companies and individuals).
NZCBIA is a voluntary membership group composed by qualified industry organizations, companies and professionals. The members are building practitioners from all aspects of building (e.g., design consultants, developers and construction contractors, material suppliers), including companies and professionals (designers, engineers, etc., but not including real estate agents.)
NZCBIA is committed to maintaining and uplifting the New Zealand construction industry standards and also enhancing the reputation of NZ Chinese building industry.
According to the regulations, policies and systems of NZ construction industry, NZCBIA aims to provide supervision and coordination for NZ Chinese building industry.
NZCBIA endeavors to build a platform for NZ Chinese Building Industry, to encourage collaborations among building industry businesses and professionals and a platform for sharing information and resources.
Marketing & Promotion
 Image building: We will carefully craft image of our elite members and have a thorough and effective long-term promotional strategy. Through marketing and promotion activities by using NZCBIA as a platform, we will build a positive image of the products and services provided by our members, which is quality, excellent and a guarantee on their investment return.
 Interview: Our members will have opportunities to have video or text interviews. All articles and video interviews will be published on the website, newspaper, WeChat and other media to enhance the positive market and social image of our members.
 Website: We will establish official website and all the information and recourses will be classified and published on our website for customers to find details and direct contact, bringing more business opportunities for our members.
 Wechat: We will build a WeChat public platform to timely publish news, business information and relative construction policies.
 Journal - ” b + d” (Building, Design, Development), a bilingual quarterly journal: Our aim is to promote good building industry practice, quality and technologies, to help other organizations or relevant government departments promote the latest policies and business standards, and to inform readers the recent market information and building construction technology.
 We act as a “spokesperson” for NZ Chinese Building Industry, and a bridge of the main stream building industry and NZ Chinese building industry. We offer a platform for communicating with relevant government departments, connecting NZ & Chinese Building Industry and sharing information and resources.
 Organise 8-10 seminars annually, topics include:
A. To invite building industry experts and professionals to share their experience, latest market information, and building construction techniques.
B. To invite government departments to discuss policies.
C. To hold meetings gathering members, customers and investors together to share the opportunities and challenges.
 Organise site visits, share experiences among the members.
 Organize an annual conference, including seminars, summit forums and dinner.
 Organize at least two annually sporting, recreational or tourist activities, to provide social opportunities for members.
 Plan to organise an award and completion event for the best construction/design projects in NZ Chinese building industry, choosing independent third party professionals to be the assessment committee, to establish a benchmark for NZ Chinese building industry and to promote NZ Chinese building industry.

 To improve your professional image, making you to stand out from the industry.
 To have opportunities to obtain the cooperation and assistance of other members in NZCBIA.
 To raise industry awareness and expand business network.
 To publish recruiting or other information for free in our website or WeChat.

 A Board of Directors is a body of elected members who together make decisions and oversee the operation of NZCBIA. Executives comprised elected member from building-related industries and independent members.
 The NZCBIA board has: One President, several Vice-Presidents, One Secretary-General.
 The election for the President of the Council is held every two years by the members of the Board.
 Elections for NZCBIA Board are held every two years by all members.
 All Board members of the NZCBIA are unpaid volunteers.
 The Board meets once a month.

 The New Zealand Chinese Building Industry Association (NZCBIA) is a non- profitable organization operating under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908.
 The Association adopted Code of Conduct which is approved by the Board of Directors. The Board provides direction and supervision of the team and assist with achieving the purpose of the Association.
 The scope of work is listed in Item 4.
 The operation of the Association is funded by the membership fees and sponsorship fees.
 The strategies, regulations, work plans, etc. of the Association are carried out or distributed by the Secretary-General. The Secretary-General is responsible for the daily operation and management of the Association. The Secretary-General is an unpaid position.
 The Secretary-General is elected by the Council.
 A Treasurer and a Legal Adviser will be appointed by the Board to advise the board on financial strategy and legal issues.

The association consists of five types of membership.
 Cooperate Member
Annual Membership Fee: $ 3,000
 Individual Member
Annual Membership Fee: $ 300
 Graduate Member
Annual Membership Fee: $ 200
 Associate Member
Annual Membership Fee: $ 3,000
 Observation Member
First three-month membership fee exemption.

Application enquiry is open to all qualified construction industry organizations and individuals.
 Must be qualified practitioners (includes all individual and company members).
 Individual Members must have at least 3 years work experience in related industries.
 Applicants with less than three years industrial experience could apply for Graduate Members.
 As part of your application, you will need 2 NZCBIA Board members to support your application.
 All members must comply with the code of conduct of the Association.
 Pay membership fee annually, an invoice will be sent once your application has been approved. Renewal invoices will be emailed to all members financial year to keep the membership active.

Members of the New Zealand Chinese Building Industry Association are required to observe the following ethical codes of conduct.
 Comply with New Zealand law and comply with New Zealand construction industry standards.
 Honest, responsible, and trustworthy during professional practice; treat customers and industry partners fairly, equitably and friendly during professional practice.
 Provide a clear quotation to customers, clearly explain the payment method.
 Clearly explain the scope of services and work progress to the customer, if the progress has changed, immediately notify the customer.
 Respect customers’ privacy and property. Do not engage in any unfair and irrational practice
 Do not engage in any behavior that may reduce New Zealand's construction industry standards.
 Maintain and improve their professional knowledge and skills.
 The Board may terminate the membership of any member if that member:
(a) has committed a breach of these Rules; or
(b) has defrauded or attempted to defraud the Association; or
(c) has violates the laws, rules or regulations applicable to Building and Construction Industry.
 In a customer complaint scenario, members may file an application to seek assistance from the Board. The Council will provide or assist in the provision of the relevant service.
 This Code applies only to direct and supervise ethical practice of all members. All contract disputes complaint must be processed via the legal system
 All members are required to abide by the Codes of Ethics and Practice and help to maintaining and enhancing reputation of the Association.